Similarity Appendix

Publishing date 14.01.2019

Data Processing service ("Похожие модели", "Similarity")

Service is provided as part of the Agreement, cannot be used without acceptance of Agreement.
This docuemnt is part of the Agreement.

1. Terms and definitions

List of terms and definitions is an extension of Agreement Terms and definitions

Similarity Service - automated search service which allows to search (visually) similar objects

Object - definition of something provided by Client, includes identifier, data of the object, references to information related to the object. Client will use Identifier of the object to search similar objects.

Access point - URL which provides reference to AI engine, Client will use it to fill up database of objects and search.

Active object or Active product  - type of object which is possible to get within search results. 

Inacive object or Inactive product or Old product - type of object which can be used for search but these object wil never apperar in search results.

2. Povision of service

2.1. The fact of the launch of the Similarity Service is the provision of the Access Point.

2.2. The Service Provider will send a letter to the Client with the information necessary to start working with the Access Point.

2.3. The client must fill out the form and click the button ("Subscribe" or "Sign up") with the appropriate form.

2.4. A client can stop service in the "My Services" by clicking on the button “Cancel”, or by sending a letter to, calling customer support at +7 (499) 899-59-96, provie the access point information.

2.5. After the Client cancels the Similarity Service, the Service Provider has the right to disconnect the Access point, delete data.

4. Payment

4.1. The period of payment for the Similarity Service is the calendar month.

4.2. The first day of the period is the day the Similarity Service was launched. 

4.3. The first month of Similarity Service is a trial period, in case a client signs up for Similarity Service for the first time.

4.4. The Service Provider informs Clien about the upcoming credit card charge 72 and 24 hours before the actual charge.

4.5. Payment for Similarity Services occurs by charging funds from an associated Payment Card on the first day after the end of the period.

4.6. Payment for Similarity Services occurs the day after the end of the period.

4.7. In case of Similarity Service cancelation during the Trial period, no fee is charged.

4.8. In case of Similarity Service cancelation, the funds are charged from the attached Payment Card for the time of the service.

4.9. The absence of payment for the Similarity Service within 14 calendar days after the end of the period is a fact of cancelation.

4.10. Attempts to charged funds from the attached Payment Card will continue for 14 days after the end of the period.

4.11. The Service Provider will notify a Client of the impossibility of taking payment.

5. Price

5.1. Rates and Cost shall be defined upon receipt of data about the objects for which will be provided by Client.

5.2. The Service Provider has the right to change the rate for a Client to a specific Similarity Service on the basis of a change in the data of objects.

5.3. The client has the right to request a reduction in the cost of unavailability of the Access Point.

5.4. Rates are listed on the page Pricing are current.

5.5. The cost of the Simlarity Service for the period in case of a change in the rate is proportional to the number of days in the month.

6. Rates

6.1. Fixed rates ("Start", "Growing", "Accelerating")

6.1.1. Fixed Rates have a fixed cost while at least one Threshold is not exceeded.

6.1.2. In case of exceeding the threshold for the rate "Development" a Flexible Rate is applied.

Metric\Rate Start Growing Accelerating
Active Objects Threshold below 250 below 500 below 2000
Inactive Objects Threshold below 1000 below 2000 below 8000

6.2. Flexible Rate

6.2.1. Calculation goes according to the formula (Maximum(Active objects, 2000))*0.08 + (Maximum(inactive obejcts, 8000))*0.002

6.4. Example Rate selection

6.4.1. Samples are below, and may be different in case of special agreement

Metric\Rate Start Growing Accelerating Accelerating Accelerating Flexible Rate Flexible Rate Flexible Rate
Quantity of Active objects 200 251 200 200 2500 200 2500 3000
Quantitiy of Inactive objects 100 200 1300 3000 200 30000 100 15000