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CLIENT Bragard Inc.
Task: Architecture Development Quality Assurance
Skills: HTML JavaScript PHP Database Java

Bragard USA is a valuable customer for us, because it is the leader in the field of tailoring of special clothes and is confidently holding onto the market for about 80 years. Among the valuable customers of Bragard USA are the White House, Hayat and Hilton Hotels, Cruise Networks, Luxury segment for air, casino and restaurants. The company also provides special clothing for the best world cooking battles and contests, sponsors Hollywood movies, such as Burnt movie with four-time Oscar nominee Bradley Cooper. We are happy to cooperate with Bragard USA and provide them with services for an online store of the highest quality.

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Morozov group moved Bragard from ERP age to eCommerce age.
Bragard is trully eCommerce company, all orders, even thousands of legacy orders, are stored in same database. 
In details:

  • Migration of data from the IBM AS400 (DB2) to Magento Embedded ERP
  • Eliminated manual reentering of online orders to ERP, added the same day shipping
  • Streamlined interactions with customers
  • Launched Bragard Canada, setup system for cross-boarder sales (bragard.ca)
  • 29% growth of online sales after switch to eCommerce core