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Morozov Group was launched by Kirill Morozov. He worked for Magento and eBay as a Consultant, Software Engineer and wrote 271 edits to the code in 1700 files and modules of the Catalog, Inventory, Sales Rules, CheckOut, Customer, Reports. Further, the version of Magento 1 was used for the development of Magento 2, where many of these revisions have been preserved. And now on the platform of Magento there are more than 250 000 internet shops all over the world and also there was integration with Franfurtt Airport, which serves 61 million passengers. Morozov groups excellently know the Magento system, which was implemented on the world's largest online stores. The policy of the company Magento asks not to be named, but that valuable experience and skills of the most complicated integration remained. Moreover, Kirill Morozov was invited as an expert on complex projects in the USA, Canada, Australia, Austria, Denmark, Russia and Ukraine. After such a rich experience in large companies with an impeccable reputation for 7 years, Kirill Morozov decided to open his own company Morozov Group.

Magento 2 came out and it uses all latest technology, including Mobile First approach for online content representation, Full Page Caching via Varnish or Akamai, best in-class search capabilities with Elasticsearch.

Here in Morozov Group we know how to use this technology properly to get great results for great companies.




The number of orders depends on the speed of the system.
We make it work like a clock. "Magento brakes" - Magento without brakes under ideal tuning, the best of the best trust Magento: Coca Cola, Frankfurt Airport, Nike and many others.
In Russia, the number of orders from the "Snow Queen" has become 10 times more after eliminating the problems with the speed of loading pages.


Industrial systems have many opportunities. When creating Technial Specification, managers write hundreds of pages. Agencies like to do a lot of work. Therefore, we are happy to add each line to the budget of the project. In Russia, "TVOE" had more than 50% of Requirements are out-of the-box functionality (so merchants pay for out-of-the box functionality).
Did you know that you can insert marketing tags into bottom and top of the page right through the administrative panel? We will teach you a lot how to teach our customers who work with the White House in the US.


If you have hundreds of thousands of products in the catalog with special prices for "your own", you want to see all the orders for the last 10 years and millions of your customers. Then you need to consult us we know how to handle volumes.
Thanks to Kirill
Mothercare serves all countries from one platform. Ford serves all dealers in all states also from one platform.


When the online store is built and works, you have the choice: to pay for the support of highly qualified employees of Agencies or to have in-house Developer and to manage the company's resources. We will help your company with an assessment of the qualifications of future employees to handle your Magento / Magento 2.


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